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Now available:

Using GIS to Assess Preservation Legislation click here to view the PDF.

The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is rapidly changing the landscape of business and information analysis. KEI Maps uses GIS to analyze and relate information from a database and present this information spatially on a map. Our customers visualize and understand their data in completely different ways. The visual presentation of data can be a powerful tool. It allows us to ask and answer questions beyond the scope of traditional databases and helps you communicate what you know to customers, legislators, management, or researchers.

Legislation and Lobbying Tools

See For Yourself!

We invite you to view a few samples of our work and begin to explore how GIS and KEI Maps can help you analyze your data in ways you never considered before! Then, contact us for a consultation.


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Now available online, Using GIS to Assess Preservation Legislation by Daniel Mackay and Dr. John J. Knoerl.

KEI Maps Introduces Lobbying Tools with Legislative Impact

See our Preservation League of NY project for a real world example of how GIS and KEI Maps can affect the course of legislation.



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